Wednesday, June 15, 2011

press coverage - we need your help

the following article appeared today, in Spain's biggest newspaper, El Pais:

2 things you can do: 
1- open the article and vote. The more votes the higher the chances of them following up. After the headline, on the left, you just have to check the five stars
2- Email to send to 
in English: “Thank you for publishing the report written by three members of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics in support of Habiba and her daughter Alma. I hope that you will continue to report on this terrible case of abuse of power, so that with your help and coverage, the IMMF’s erroneous decision will be revoked as quickly as possible, and Alma will be reunited with her mother”. 
in Spanish: "Muchas gracias por hacerse eco del informe creado por tres miembros de la Asociación Española de Pediatría en apoyo a Habiba y su hija Alma. Les rogaría continuasen cubriendo este terrible caso de abuso de autoridad para que con su ayuda y difusión, haya una rectificación del IMMF lo antes posible, y Alma pueda volver a estar con su madre".
 Thank you.

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